I play the lottery on a regular basis and have tested most of the top lottery systems on the market, see which system gave results and which lotto systems failed. This information could seriously help you win the lottery.

As you know by now, I play the lotteries routinley and would like to win more than I lose. The best way to do this is to use a lottery system which is a tool or strategy to improve your winning results, as it will increase your odds to win, but only if it is a well designed system. I purchased and tested each of the following top selling lottery systems: Silver Lotto System, Circle Lottery System, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lotto Guy Lottery System and Lotto Black Book System. I gave each lottery system a 1 month test to see if I could win something using it exactly as directed by the seller.

Starting with Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, my results were very much less than I expected. It did not work well at all, the 98% win rate is not true! This system carries a hefty price tag so I thought I might get some hefty winnings, wrong. I lost a considerable amount of money buying and using this very poor lotto system. I strongly suggest you save your money for the next system.

Lotto Guy is that next lottery system that I tested. It was much more affordable than any of the others and actually made me some money. It’s quite different from the others and ultimately covers more ground. The sellers of this system replied to all of emails immediately and were happy to answer my questions which was very good. This system made back the money I wasted on the others, it does work!

Ace Lee sells many systems, but the two I purchased were Formula 1 and Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System. Both are very similar lottery software systems and both are huge rip offs. They supply you with hot and cold numbers to assist you with your lottery number pickings. It’s sad that alot of people don’t know that every lottery has these hot and cold numbers either on their website or in the in-store booklet. So you’re spending your cash for something you can get for free. That about sums it up, and would recommend you passing on these bogus systems.

Finally, Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book. It’s got a catchy name but sorry to inform you, it’s totally useless and very long winded. It will cost you big to buy this system, and good luck winning your money back and you will not get a refund. By the way that is not even his real name, why lie about that? I won’t go in to it now but he is hiding something from you, and the system is full of false advertising! The system won nothing and is not worth buying.

So therefore the Lotto Guy Lottery System (see lottery links top left of page for link to their website) wins hands down in my books as the best system. Without it I’d be a very poor man after buying all the other useless systems. Remember! when looking to purchase a lottery system, if it sounds to good to be true 9 out of 10 it usually is.

On a side note, I did, and am currently trying to get a refund from Ace Lee, Ken Silver and Larry Blair. Unfortunately none of them readily answer their emails and seem to be avoiding me, also found many others who say they cannot get a refund also. The catch is, they use Click Bank as their payment processor and the money back guarantee is only through them. But! The rules state you can only get your money back if the product is damaged or unusable. How can I say this with a lottery system? A very sneaky trick! Anyways, wish me luck getting my money back, and I wish you luck playing the lotteries.


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